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Do you want to know who leads the care at Spinal Health Institute? Below is information about Spinal Health Institute's Doctors of Chiropractic and Leadership Team. We look forward to serving you on your health journey. 



Doctor of Chiropractic, Institute Director

Pasadena College of Chiropractic, Class of 1983

Over 35 years of cultivating a clinical care method that restores wellness via micro-traction, robotic laser, and conservative ‘no twist and crack’ chiropractic. Dr. Russo is rooted in patient service, science, and teaching others with his proficiency in chiropractic care. Dr. Russo is active in his faith, on the bike path, and on the golf course. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Dr. Russo is currently accepting new patients and looks forward to supporting your wellness goals. If you’re interested in an externship opportunity to serve our clients using Spinal Health Institute’s advanced chiropractic method, please contact us at info@spinalhealth.info.


Doctor of Chiropractic

Palmer West Chiropractic College, Class of 1994

Over 25 years of cultivating a clinical care method that restores wellness via micro-traction, robotic laser, and conservative ‘no twist and crack’ chiropractic. Dr. Lee has been serving Spinal Health Institute patients using the Spinal Health Institute method for over 15 years, which is rooted in patient service and science. Dr. Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He is known for his upbeat demeanor, is a strong family man, avid golfer, and is active in his faith. If you would like to become a patient of Spinal Health Institute, Dr. Lee is currently accepting new patients and looks forward to hearing more about how he can support your wellness goals.  



Institute Director

Over 35 years of experience, sharing his highly effective and advanced chiropractic treatment approach with other chiropractors has been scientifically backed through cutting edge recovery support methods. Patients will enjoy a high level of care from vetted chiropractic physicians when working with Dr. Russo’s tried and true method at Spinal Health Institute. 


Vice President of Operations

Over 30 years of private medical practice experience in operations, leadership, graphic design, marketing, and human resources. Maryl’s deep understanding of Spinal Health Institute’s patient and team needs brings people together by cultivating diverse talents on the team. The team focuses on a strong patient care approach with kindness. Maryl is a devoted wife, caring mother, faith based Christian who enjoys bicycling, and spreading Southern hospitality through her delicious cooking. 


Public Relations Specialist

Over 4 years of Public Relations experience, Haley recognizes the need for an honest and open business model. After attaining her degree at Biola University and acquiring multiple PR jobs from London to LA, Haley is devoted to transparency within Spinal Health Institute. This transparency connects the doctors with the patients by supporting their wellness goals. Haley is passionate about traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, tasting new foods, and finding outdoor activities to get involved in. 


Marketing Specialist 

Over 3 years of marketing experience, Brooks focuses on serving Spinal Health Institute by consulting with the advisory board on next steps to improve patient experience. After attaining his Master of Science in Leadership from GCU, he moved back to Folsom to start his career at Allworth Financial and target new opportunities of growth for Spinal Health Institute.  


DR. SCOTT RUSSO Chiropractic, Wellness R+D, Method Design

DR. NELSON LEE Chiropractic, Wellness R+D, Method Design 

MARYL RUSSO Human Resources, Branding, Operations, Expansion

HALEY RUSSO Marketing, Public Relations, Branding

BROOKS RUSSO Marketing, Public Relations, Information Security

ASHLEY WEBB Operations, Public Relations, Marketing