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Treating patients with the MLS Laser at Spinal Health Institute

MLS Laser therapy is completely safe using light waves to target an affected area, and reduce inflammation and pain bringing relief returning cells to normal function. The treatment is done with a laser robotically controlled for ultimate precision and privacy. Patients can expect a relief in symptoms as well as a decrease in healing time.

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Chiropractic Diagnostic Testing

The causes of back pain can be very complex, it is often more difficult to get an accurate diagnosis for back pain than for other medical conditions. While some spinal diagnoses are relatively straightforward (such as tumors, infections, or fractures), for many conditions there is little agreement among spine specialists about a diagnosis. However, getting an accurate diagnosis of the cause of back pain is critical, because different diagnoses will require very different treatment approaches. And the sooner an accurate diagnosis is made, the sooner the patient can find an appropriate treatment for pain relief and to improve his or her ability to enjoy everyday activities.

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Spine + Nervous System

Doctors at the Spinal Health Institute focus on the inherent ability of the human body to heal itself. Focusing on the spine and nervous system, the job of the doctor is to help the patient by removing barriers to healing. The nervous system is the control system of your body. The job of the brain is to monitor, run, and control the functions in your body, and it uses the spinal cord and nerves of the body as its communication lines.

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