Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome Treatment in the Sacramento Valley

Trigger points are tight tender muscle ‘knots’ creating pain and dysfunction within the muscle. Trigger points often will refer pain in other areas of the body, sometimes the pain from a trigger point in the back, for example, could radiate pain into the neck. If you're experiencing unresolved muscle contraction, spasm, dull muscle ache, or increased nerve sensitivity resulting in sharp pain or ache—talk to your chiropractor about how trigger point therapy may be able to help
What causes trigger points?
Trigger points in the muscle develop from strain or blunt force with exercise or hard impacts and this causes the muscle to bleed and bond with the fascial ‘lubricating sleeve‘.  After 5 yrs or longer, the body can make a trigger point harder to release by laying down more scar tissue and is diagnosed as a ‘contracture’. The very certain reality of misalignments and disc injuries DEPENDS  on getting rid of the fascial ‘lock’ on the muscle.
What is trigger point therapy? 
At Spinal Health Institute we professionally clear muscle-fascial injury with revolutionary therapies and release pressure on a ‘global’ scale. After the muscle-fascia lock is cleared, a gentle traction adjustment stays in place for the long term. 

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