Spinal Health treats a broad range of conditions and offers a specialized services for your health and well being. See below for the conditions we treat.


Back Pain & Neck Pain

Neck and back pain most frequently result from injury or wear and tear we all experience with aging. The discomfort you may experience in your back or neck may be an indication of whats going on… Continue Reading

Knee & Joint Pain

Knee pain is incredibly common in the United States. Some of the most common reasons for knee pain are swollen or torn ligaments…Continue Reading


Sciatica usually affects only one side of the lower body. Often, the pain extends from the lower back all the way through the back of the thigh and… Continue Reading


Some patients may spend years visiting doctors and undergoing tests, only to be diagnosed with different conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, or mononucleosis before a diagnosis… Continue Reading


More than 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a problem caused by damage to the nerves in the arms and legs. If you are one of… Continue Reading

Hip Pain

Anytime you use your hips, a cushion of cartilage helps prevent friction as the hip bone moves in its socket. Despite its durability, the hip joint isn’t… Continue Reading

Shoulder & Arm Pain

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint with a large range of movement. Because the joint is very mobile, it tends to be more susceptible to… Continue Reading

Wrist & Elbow Pain

The most common elbow condition is called tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis.  In tennis elbow, the point in the elbow area where the outer part of the… Continue Reading

Foot & Ankle Pain

As you age, your chance of developing osteoarthritis, which is caused by wear and tear, increases. The joint damage associated with osteoarthritis causes swelling, pain, and deformity. Here is information about how… Continue Reading

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms most often occur in the parts of the hand supplied by the median nerve: the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and half of the ring finger. If… Continue Reading

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can happen to anyone. Most people have experienced minor injuries, such as an ankle sprain or a pulled muscle. Some injuries, such as tennis elbow,… Continue Reading

Peripheral Neuropathy

Common symptoms may include numbness, burning, intense pain, and muscle weakness. Spinal Health Institute provides treatments for patients experiencing peripheral neuropathy, tailored specifically to the location, type and… Continue Reading

Auto Accident Injuries

Spinal Health has been treating patients who have been injured in car accidents for over 30 years. It is important to get proper treatment soon after an… Continue Reading